How It Works

Don't worry we'll provide the games (and the tables)



Mistakes Were Made--If a group renting a game is less than (2) rounds in and just can't get into it, an alternate game can be substituted at no additional charge


As you wander the lounge, you’ll see 6” tall figures sitting on many of the tables. The figures are a quick way to see if folks are welcome to sit down and join in

Reminder: No Monopoly!


We’ve Got Snacks

We've partnered with Arms & Embers to allow service from their kitchen. Come check out their new menu!



We'd love to host your event.

Whether its a birthday, a plain ole family gathering or even a corporate team building getaway, we can reserve tables, games or the whole lounge for your event.

Contact us to plan your event today!

Did we mention, No Monopoly!